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“The Valley Experience”

Hallelujah is the highest praise! Did you know that your valley praise not only restores your faith but touches God on an entirely different level?

Having unshakeable faith is understanding that life happens, not every test and trial is a result of God or even the devil. Sometimes, life happens and life is not always easy and it doesn't always work out the way we planned. Unshakeable faith is walking through the junk without wavering. It's speaking life into your darkest challenges because our God is greater than anything life can throw at us. The enemy may even try to knock you down as you gain favor with God and rise but when he does, how do you respond? Do you give up and assume you missed God? No, you keep fighting! You stand up, dust your knees off and continue the work God has called you to do.

Our hallelujah brings a tear to God’s face when it's from a valley experience. Digging deep into your soul, looking past what your physical eye can see and traveling into a spiritual dimension of praise allows us to say:

"I may be down, hurting and low but my God has never failed me yet so, I will give him my highest praise and trust that He will work it out for my good."

Yes, we praise on the mountain and when the sun is shining on every area of our life but what about the low times? What do you do when the winds are blowing so fierce that you can't stand? What do you do when the torrential rains of life weigh you down? The enemy isn't afraid of you when you're on the mountain but when your life has been shaken and you’re in a valley, that's a true test. Breaking through in your prayers and tapping into the Holy Spirit is where we find strength in our storm.

Will you bless the Lord at all times? Or just when you’re on a mountain top.

I have questioned God myself, wondering if I am right, confused if I missed His direction.

What I have been reminded of is this...

Though someone else's decisions touch my life, it doesn't have to derail my life.

I have been met with many challenges since publishing my book. These challenges have distracted me, they have overshadowed the joy but just as I was ready to say:

"Maybe I missed God's timing. Maybe I wasn't meant to share my story. Maybe if I wouldn't have been over here focused on what God assigned in my life, I would've been more attentive in other areas."....

Just as I was ready to welcome all of that negative insecurity, I received my first message from a girl I didn't even know, thanking me for helping her. I am doing exactly what God wants me to do. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy because he knows the damage I can do to his nasty kingdom. Insecurity and self-doubt about my calling and purpose... That is exactly the downward spiral the enemy wants me on!

Not today Satan! Not today!

My friend Shenae Andrus wrote a song called "Hallelujah From The Valley" it is literally my theme song! It is my daily reminder that God is always fighting for me! Isn't it so wonderful how God lets people come into your life just when you need them? We first met (formally) at a General Conference just after I was given a dream that God recently fulfilled. I experienced many ups and downs in the journey but thank God he gave me a friend who could lift me up when I was in the valley and be a constant encouragement. I am thankful that together we have been able to share valley moments and remind each other that through it all, as we trust in the word of God, He will walk with us through the muck until we reach a field of flowers.

The Chorus says: Hallelujah from the valley. Hallelujah from the saint. Who with pain in every heartbeat, still lift their hands to say; I will bless the Lord at all times no matter come what may. Hallelujah from the valley. Hallelujah in the pain.

Life is not always going to be predictable and certain. Stuff happens and it's not always going to feel good. A true test of our faith and endurance is when everything is crumbling around us... The choices we make during uncertainty can mold our future for better or worse. Sometimes, no action is required in our valley other than our praise to Jesus.

I will bless the Lord AT ALL TIMES, no matter come what may.

We must listen to what He is speaking into our spirit while we are in the storm. It's easy to follow popular opinion but the wise choice is following God's will, even when it leaves us in the valley longer than we would like. Even when it leaves us alone. I know this first hand.

I know what it feels like to live in a valley for so long that you forget what a mountain even looks like. However, we must wait and not give in. We must stay on the potter's wheel for as long as it takes and remain faithful in our hallelujah from our valley.

Lord in my valley and all that I go through, my worship belongs to you.

The valley is not comfortable it brings tears, questions and loneliness. Yet, we must remain. Isolation puts the focus on God and make no mistake, He will strip us from the things we rely on or spend more time on than Him. How we prosper depends on our willingness to wait, trust and believe. I know He has more for me. I know He wants to see me advance His kingdom but it is by His will, not mine.

Someone recently told me that Jesus only became who He is to us through His suffering.

My suffering, my grief, my disappointments, my loneliness... They brought me to the place I am today. So, yes, absolutely I will sing hallelujah from the valley because I want the favor of God. I want to be a willing vessel in whatever way He chooses to use me. I will speak life when my character is questioned. I will stay the course and not allow the enemy to overcome my mind. I will stand firm in the valley or on the mountain because, greater is He that is within me!

We can be on the mountain top one day and thrown in a valley the next. Keep moving without losing focus on that mountain blessing you just experienced. The peek will get you through the valley. Weeds, thorns and rocks are in the valley and as you move forward in your blessing, you may find days filled with pricks and scrapes. Days when you can't get a win. Days when you have no friend but Jesus. Days when you are barely keeping your head above water but hold on. Weeping may endure for a night but your Joy is coming. Those scars you sustain will only prolong your ability to act as a mouthpiece for the Kingdom of God. Allow your trials to transform you into an image of God’s grace and mercy.

Lord, let my heart always sing hallelujah in the valley, even when emotion and circumstance overwhelm my mind. Mute anything that is not of you. Keep my eyes fixed on you and your purpose for my life. I will stay the course no matter come what may. When I can't find the words to express my feelings, God let me always remember hallelujah.

XO -Denisha

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